Welcome to the Battelle Winter CTF

Do you have what it takes?

1800 EST Jan 7 -> 1800 EST Jan 14

This competition is intended for individual CTF players in the beginner-intermediate skill range. This is a fun introduction for new players, with a few challenging problems to test your abilities. If you are interested in more problems or want to know when the next CTF is, sign up to receive updates from the Battelle cyber team. You'll also be notified of new or current career opportunities.

Prize Packs will be sent out to the top performing individuals. See rules for more details.

New to CTFs? Welcome! We will have a set of problems just for you! The Beginner's Journey problems will be accompanied with learning resources and walkthroughs to help you on your journey :)

Join our discord! https://discord.gg/sDGT2b4yb8